Monday, May 9, 2011


Anyone ever feel they are in a rut?  I think I'm in one now.  There are so many things I'd like to do for a little change and yet I don't do it.

I'd like to lose some weight.  I'm ready to do it and yet I don't and just say "tomorrow...".    I'm tired of being the "girl with a pretty face".

I want to totally de-clutter the house, but when I have a free moment to do it, I'm just too tired to do anything else other than relax.

I've let my appearance go in recent years.  I'm a total girly girl and I do keep my nails and toes done (by me!) at all times, but I feel when the weekend comes, I don't do anything special.  Unless we're going out, I live in sweats, flip flops, and have my hair in a ponytail.  This might be because during the week, I live in semi-professional clothes and heels.  I want to feel more like a girl on the weekends too!

Last summer, I bought an entire new wardrobe.  Today, I feel like I have nothing to wear.  I've already cleaned out the closet and given like four huge trash bags of clothes to Goodwill, but my closet is still overflowing.  I definitely don't need new clothes, just have to find the clothes I already have.

I have a couple of business ideas that I think are really good! One would require continuing education and the other would just require me being disciplined with my time and workload.  I feel my ideas need to be perfect before I take action, but I know that that's not necessarily realistic.

I'm really not a lazy person, but sometimes I just feel so overworked in every aspect of my life that I just don't feel I have another moment for something else.

I have to change that.  I will change that.

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