Thursday, January 31, 2013

Master Cleanse -- The Day Before

Tomorrow I start The Master Cleanse.  I've been sick for the past five days and still feeling pretty crappy.  I did think about postponing my cleanse, but the timing to start tomorrow is perfect.

I had a lunch of Thai noodles with mushroom and chicken.  Tonight, I'll have salmon with grilled asparagus.  As an aperitif, I'll have a cup of delicious laxative tea.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm supposed to do a saltwater flush every morning.  I think I'll save that for the weekends only when I know I'll be close to a restroom.  As a substitute, the laxative tea will be my "breakfast" along with being my "dessert".

I made a cup of my lemonade concoction yesterday.  It's not bad.  I mean, it's not the same as eating a delicious pizza, but at least the drink doesn't suck.

I am going to start this cleanse with a bit of excitement along with a ton of anxiety.  My goal is to go to the end of the day on February 8, but I'd like to finish it on February 10.  We'll see how the no food thing agrees with my body and mind.

To prepare for the cleanse, I stopped drinking coffee on Saturday.  Sunday was going to be my last coffee day, but I got sick instead and started gulping herbal tea to try to nip my sickness in the bud.  Useless.  So, since I haven't had my daily coffee in almost a week, I'm confident I won't experience any caffeine withdrawal headaches for the next 8-10 days.

I will have a lot of free time since I won't be meal planning, food shopping, or food preparing.  My plan is to read, clean, and rest.  I have always wanted to learn how to knit and I do have a beginner's knitting kid.  I might go through some You Tube videos and see if I can find anything I can follow along with.

I'm praying the next 8-10 days will fly by.

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