Monday, January 31, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

B and I love buffalo chicken wings.  Our favorite place to get them in the city is quite pricey.  We've made them at home before and they are delicious, but very messy and I have issues with deep frying things. Well, that and adding a whole stick of melted butter to the wing sauce to coat the deep fried wings.  No wonder they are delicious!

Last week, I decided to get the flavor of buffalo chicken without the fat and without having to spend a fortune!

Yesterday, I poached some chicken breasts until they were 85% cooked.  I took them out and cut them into small pieces, put them into a dry skillet and added almost an entire bottle of wing sauce and cooked away until the chicken was completely done.  The flavor was good, but really vinegar-y, so I drizzled a tiny amount of honey and added a small pat of butter.  The flavor was perfect them.  I served them on toasted hamburger buns that I had spread with Ranch dressing.

I made enough for about six sandwiches, the total cost was approximately $7 bucks!  At our favorite place, wings that are not good for you will run you about $30 and you'll only get two meals out of them!!

B considers himself a buffalo wing connoisseur and he LOVED the sandwiches.  That is the real test and it looks like they passed!

I'll post a picture of the sandwich later.

Friday, January 28, 2011

An Idea!

I will also post my weekly menu plans on this blog.  B and I have decided that we won't eat past 6:30 pm unless it's a special occasion.  We're two weeks in and so far so good.  I do still cook every day, but it is for the following day's lunches.

Yesterday, I decided for this week, I am going to make a big batch of black bean soup and another batch of shredded buffalo chicken for sandwiches.  Hopefully, we'll have enough to alternate that for the week.  If we get tired of eating the same two things all week, I'll just add another dish the following week for variety.

The plan is to make a batch of soup on Sunday and then the batch of buffalo chicken on  Monday.  This will cut down on the grocery bill too!

What do you guys think?  Have any of you tried doing this?  Was it successful?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Sweet!

B hasn't been feeling well for about a month.  It's a cold  he just cannot seem to shake.  So yesterday, he was feeling like utter crap and we're on the couch watching TV.  He asks me if I'm tired and I nodded yes.  He places a pillow on his lap and pats it, motioning for me to lie down.  I did and he just stroked and caressed my hair and face.  I loved it and I love him!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello!  This is my first blog post EVER! 

I have loved to cook for as long as I can remember!  One of my earliest memories is me pestering my mom in the kitchen to give me various tasks to do.   Of course, she would give me the tasks low on the totem pole (ex: wash dishes, take out the trash....).  I started chopping vegetables at a very young age, approximately 6 years old. 

At that same age, I had taken over the task of making my dad his after-work tea.  This was much more than hot water and a tea bag.  It required boiling water on a stove with sugar, adding loose tea power when the water came to a boil, and letting it simmer for several minutes, and then allowing the tea to steep for a few minutes longer.  On cold days, I would add freshly grated ginger to the mix.  This entire tea would then be strained through a sieve into a mug.  Yes, I did this all at six years old.  My dad would pay me $2 at the end of each week!

Now, I'm older (much!), I still love to cool and try  new recipes.  I grew up in an ethnic household, so the common family food such as meatloaf and and casseroles are very new to me.  I was in my 30's before I had my first meatloaf!

I cook most days for myself and my boyfriend of nine years, B.  He is very supportive of my love of cooking, although sometimes he does think I take it too far (I do sometimes!).  B is also my guinea pig.  He will honestly tell me if he hates, likes, or loves the meal.  When he asks me to make it again, I know it was a success!

I will post various recipes on this blog.  Some of them will be success meals and others I will warn you guys to stay away from!

I'm very new to this blogging thing, so I will try to upload photos when I can.