Monday, January 31, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

B and I love buffalo chicken wings.  Our favorite place to get them in the city is quite pricey.  We've made them at home before and they are delicious, but very messy and I have issues with deep frying things. Well, that and adding a whole stick of melted butter to the wing sauce to coat the deep fried wings.  No wonder they are delicious!

Last week, I decided to get the flavor of buffalo chicken without the fat and without having to spend a fortune!

Yesterday, I poached some chicken breasts until they were 85% cooked.  I took them out and cut them into small pieces, put them into a dry skillet and added almost an entire bottle of wing sauce and cooked away until the chicken was completely done.  The flavor was good, but really vinegar-y, so I drizzled a tiny amount of honey and added a small pat of butter.  The flavor was perfect them.  I served them on toasted hamburger buns that I had spread with Ranch dressing.

I made enough for about six sandwiches, the total cost was approximately $7 bucks!  At our favorite place, wings that are not good for you will run you about $30 and you'll only get two meals out of them!!

B considers himself a buffalo wing connoisseur and he LOVED the sandwiches.  That is the real test and it looks like they passed!

I'll post a picture of the sandwich later.

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