Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Secret" to Grocery Shopping

There is none, but B seems to think so. B has started to come grocery shopping with me. I don't mind, but he always buys more than on the list. Whatever. We always play a game at checkout. I have made the list and priced the items. When we get the total at checkout, we see how close I was to the predicted amount. Not rocket science since I know the prices of most products. I am almost always within a dollar or so of the total. B has always been impressed.

The other day he said he figured out my "secret". What secret? He feels because I have the same recipes in rotation, the amount will always be the same since I'm used to buying the ingredients, therefore, I'll always "win" at the checkout. Huh??? He doesn't see the days I spend scouring my recipe books, and sale ads, and comparing that with what I already have in my freezer/pantry. On top of all that, I make foods B likes (he's extremely picky), easy to prepare, transport well, and reheat well the following day, AND stick to the $50 a week budget. It is so much more than making a list of stuff we want to eat and buying it.

I kind of got miffed, but since I'm trying to be more positive and yadda yadda yadda, I suggested he give me a menu and I'll try to buy the stuff for it under $50. He agreed. Of course, he is not the master of following things through and most likely will not do it.

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