Monday, August 29, 2011

Sick and Spending

I've been sick for the past week. It sucks. I feel like shit and because I don't want to do anything we eat out. I was home for several days last week and didn't really have an appetite during the day. Of course, in the evening, I was ravenous and had all sorts of cravings. I gave in to most of them.

Then I spent a million dollars on medicine. Okay, that was my fault. I love variety and even choose OTC medication like I'm picking out nail polish colors. I picked up every cough syrup, throat losenge, sleep aid in the place. I spent a fortune, but now I have a pharmacy.

I was home and therefore, I just vegged on the couch and watched QVC and HSN. Uh huh. Lots of spending.

I made August a "no save" month. Meaning, all the $$ I would normally put into savings, I put in my pocket instead. I didn't earmark it for anything, but allowed myself the flexibility to do whatever I wanted with it. Of course, most of it went on eating out and my drug store excursions. September, I'll be back on track, but will put like $200 less than I would have in savings. It's no big deal as September is a 3 paycheck month and in the end, I'll have the normal amount, but won't have anything "extra" from the "extra" paycheck. Oh well.

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