Monday, April 30, 2012

New Obsession -- Burrata

A few weeks ago, I was watching an episode of Extra Virgin (love that show!).  Anyway, the couple were making a very decadent cheese for their Italian dinner guest.  Once this guest realized what kind of cheese they were making, it brought him to tears.  The cheese was burrata.  It is a solid mass of fresh mozzarella cheese that is stuffed with "shreds" of mozzarella and cream.  I was intrigued by this cheese.  I have been wanting to make fresh mozzarella cheese for some time now, but all of a sudden I wanted to do the more complex burrata!

Literally a few days after viewing that episode, I was in my friendly Trader Joe's store.  I saw the elusive burrata cheese there.  I wanted it.  I craved it.  But since I put myself on a strict grocery budget, I decided to plan for it.  The following week, it wasn't there.  Yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore and I traveled to three different Trader Joe's to find it.  I nearly trampled an old lady who got in my way of this cheese.  I bought it and refrained myself from eating it in the car.

This morning, I sliced three slices of olive bread.  I was going to spread it with hummus, but remembered the burrata.  I pulled a soft mozzarella ball out of the tub and sliced a small slice.  OMG.  Cream oozed from it.  I sprinkled it with a little salt and black pepper and spread the creamy cheese on my olive bread.  Delicious!!!

It is definitely luxurious and something I should not get in the habit of eating (see my previous post of losing a couple of pounds), but it is so awesome!!!

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