Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Spending Strike

In California the past couple of months, the temperatures were ridiculous.  I cannot remember it being so hot for so long.  Needless to say, cooking in a hot kitchen was not tempting.  We ate out.  We ate out a lot.  A. Lot. 

Now that the temperatures seem to have stabilized.  Well, at least yesterday we didn't have to turn the AC on for the first time since mid-August, I've imposed a eating out strike.  B and I have agreed (mostly me) that we will not eat out for the month of October.  Does that sound doable?  Sure.  Will it happen?  No.  That's why, I altered it.  We will not spend more than $5 on eating out on any given day.  The $5 will not rollover (nice try, B).  So if you HAVE to have that burger (B) or HAVE to have the slice of chocolate cake (me), it's fine as long as it is not more than $5.

So far, so good.  Four days in and we have not spent money on eating out.  I'll keep you guys posted.

Of course, this strike is to save a bit of money, but the gas prices in California are insane.  Gas went up 50 cents in two days.  I'm hoping that will start decreasing soon otherwise all the savings will be eaten up gassing up the cars!

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