Monday, April 9, 2012

Zucchini Soup

I need to incorporate more vegetables in my diet. Don't get me wrong, I eat them, but I realized I'm a somewhat picky veggie eater. I'm trying to take the veggies I like and cook them up in a new way. I love zucchini, but I normally saute it with a little olive oil and garlic. Simple and delicious, but it's been done many many times. This soup is easy has two kids of squash in it and is so healthy!! It's really filling as well.

Serves 6

5 medium sized zucchini -- chopped
1 small/medium onion -- chopped
12 oz package butternut squash -- if frozen, defrost; if raw, then steam until tender
1 clove of garlic -- minced
5 C of water or stock (I used 1 C of stock and 4 C of water)
1 C milk (I used nonfat)
Crushed red pepper -- to taste
Salt and Pepper -- to taste

Spray large pot with nonstick cooking spray or use a little oil. Saute onions until soft. Add zucchini, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Cook for a few minutes until zucchini softens a bit. Add stock/water and the cooked butternut squash. Salt and pepper to taste. Once the zucchini is soft, blend the entire mixture until smooth. Add milk and taste. Adjust seasoning if necessary.


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