Thursday, March 10, 2011

Change of Plans

We have been horrible this week on the food front.  On Monday, we ordered pizza for dinner.  Tuesday night, we ate leftover pizza and Wednesday we stopped by Del Taco.  Mind you, I have lunches ready, just not dinner.  Starting next week, I'm changing that!  I will go from cooking 2-3 times a week to 3-4 times a week.  I'll make really easy simple dishes on weeknights and hopefully they can carry us through a couple of meals.

I'm usually fine not eating after 6:30, but B isn't although he is the one that suggested this experiment.  He's been hungry and I don't blame him. 

It's like in the 80's here in SoCal for the past couple of days.  I have potato soup on the meal plan and that will be served today!  I have all the ingredients for it.  Tomorrow, Friday, I will make a homemade pizza for dinner.  On Saturday lunch, we can finish off any leftovers we may have (I doubt we'll have any) or I can throw together grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. 

Come Monday, hopefully things will be a little more organized with the food situation.  The thing is, B and I do not actually live together.  We have our own separate apartments, but spend every night together.  We have an arrangement that Monday - Wednesday, we're at his place and Friday - Sunday, we're at mine.  We alternate Thursdays.  It may sound confusing, but it works out.  Anyway, I do the cooking in our relationship.  B can cook, but he's a guy and not organized.  Also, his apartment is a total bachelor pad.  For example, alll of his utensils are in the sink waiting to be washed....for the past three weeks.  I can't cook there, therefore, I cook at my apartment and transfer it to his.  Again, I know it's confusing.  It does get tiring, but it's working out for now.  I think he suggested that I only cook a couple of times a week is because he knows I get tired and wants to help out.  The thing is, we end up spending more money eating out and more money on gas as we then drive around LA to find a place that we both agree with.  Not very efficient. 

I should have the menu plan for next week up tomorrow. 

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