Friday, March 18, 2011

I did it...kind of

This week is almost over and we ate out only once this week!  Yesterday, we ate our lunch out because I failed to leave the meatloaf in the oven long enough the night before.  Actually, I did it leave it in as long as I normally do, but for some reason there was a slight (very very slight) pinkish hue to it when we cut into it.  Of course, it was edible, but B freaked out and didn't eat it that night. 

Last night, I pulled it out again and stuck it in the oven for another thirty minutes until completely done.  It was tough and overcooked, but B gobbled it up.  We ate that for lunch today and tonight I'm making burgers.  That would mean with the exception that one time, we did not eat out this far!

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