Friday, July 15, 2011

Menu Plan 07/18 - 07/23

Well, this past week, B pulled through! Yay!!! He cooked on his two days.

On Monday, he made macaroni and cheese, salad, sweet potaotes, and cornbread. He had planned on making chicken, but he didn't get it in the oven on time and I didn't really want to eat at midnight. On Wednesday, he made turkey chili.

I hope by him cooking what he wants will help him realize that I don't run a restaurant and it's okay to eat what is fixed, even if you may not "feel" like it. I never make anything that he doesn't like even though we do have different food tastes. I love mushrooms and he can't stand the sight of them. I don't fix mushrooms although I have a million recipes using mushrooms that I LOVE!

I was ecstatic and didn't even think about how he didn't utilize the grocery store sales and deals...much. I hope he continues this trend into next week.

Dinner: B's Day

Dinner: Black beans and rice


Dinner: B's Day

Dinner: Vegetable Lentil Stew

Dinner: Burgers

Dinner: Chicken baked in foil

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