Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Spending Begins!

I did have debt. Lots of it. Yet, I never had a problem with spending. I know, it doesn't make sense. Trust me, though, my debt had nothing to do with my spending, but it did have to do with poor judgment. I always paid all of my bills on time at the end of the full! As I was paying off the debt, I had no choice but to curb my spending. I had to make sacrifices and I did. I became so used to NOT spending money, that it became second nature. I went a little overboard. I did not buy one single article of clothing for over two years.

Last summer, I bought myself an almost entire new wardrobe. It was the most money I had spent on myself in years and it felt wonderful. After that summer, I occasionally bought a few pieces here and there, but nothing crazy. I always shopped for sales and tried to use promo codes for my online shopping. I don't think I ever paid for anything full price.

This morning, I strolled through a few of my favorite online stores and placed several items in my online basket. I currently have one pair of jeans and something like 10 shirts/sweaters in there. The total is somewhere in the vicinity of $163, but with all my online codes I can get the whole thing for $109. Do I need clothes? No, I don't NEED them. I would like them now. I had written several months ago how I need to change my outward appearance.

I have until tomorrow to make the purchase so I will sleep on it and then later today or tomorrow see if I can go through what's there and start weeding a few things out...or not.

ETA: I took a sweater and a shirt out of my "shopping bag". By just getting rid of two things I really didn't even like or need (Who needs a sweater in July living in LA???), I ended up spending like $79 total. Not bad at all!

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