Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate Pudding

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I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  Okay, I have a huge sweet tooth!  I'm always rummaging around for something to satisfy my craving.  The thing is, I know myself so I avoid keeping sugary stuff in the house.  Over the weekend, I decided I would make chocolate pudding.  I thought, I'll make a batch and make it maybe, kinda, sort of good for you.  Actually, it isn't really healthy, but at least it's natural!

4 cups of milk.  I used 1%
1/2 cup of sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/3 cup of cornstarch

Heat the milk and vanilla in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  In the meantime, mix the sugar, salt, cornstarch in a large bowl.  Once the milk and vanilla warm through, add the chocolate and stir until smooth.  Be sure to scrape the bottom as the chocolate may settle at the bottom of the pot and burn.  Once everything is combined, add a few ladles of the hot mixture to the dry ingredients.  After each addition, whisk until smooth.  Once everything has been incorporated, add the entire mixture back to the saucepan and cook over medium heat.  Stir somewhat constantly so it doesn't burn.  The mixture will thicken after a few minutes (about five minutes).  Once it does, you can either ladle it into single serving containers or pour it into one large container.  Either way, lay a layer of plastic wrap directly on the pudding so it doesn't form a skin.  Once it has cooled for about an hour, transfer to the fridge and chill for several hours.


I took a photo, but I am too embarasssed to post it.  I'll take another one soon and hopefully that'll be good enough to post.

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  1. i tried making this, and the taste was amazing. my only issue was with something i did wrong- the pudding had lumps in it. maybe from the cornstarch. it didnt stop me from eating it though! oh- you should try making it with Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet or even Bittersweet chocolae chips. Someone told me to try this brand once, and it is grrrreeaaaattt ;)