Monday, February 21, 2011

Cooking for the Week

Our nightly food routine is not really working.  Last week, we ate out at least twice.  It drives me crazy as the point of this new way of cooking was for me not to cook everyday and to save money!  We end up eating at night anyway.  I mean, that's fine, but not when it is so poorly planned. 

This week, I made a batch of chicken salad to snack on if and when we get hungry in the evenings.  I also made a loaf of banana bread for breakfast or times you just want to snack on something sweet.  Last night, I also made a bunch of my version of Sausage McMuffins.  I just used turkey sausage patties and English muffins.  That should keep us going for the week.  Tomorrow, my plan is to make a blueberry bread as the banana bread is almost finished.  If I keep this up, then the time and money we spend eating out should decrease.

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