Friday, June 10, 2011

Budget 06/10 - 07/07

Last week I said I would post my monthly budget. I usually overestimate some items and I just use it as a cushion in my account. I also currently have about $300 as a buffer in my checking account. The following numbers reflect after money has already been put into savings. Whatever is leftover is my "disposable" spending. All credit card bills are paid in full at the end of each month. The numbers in that category vary month to month, but balances are never forwarded to the following month.

Auto Gas -- $150.00
Cable/Internet -- $120.00
Groceries -- $200
Gas -- $21.00
Parking Permit -- $25.00 (paid only twice a year)
Chase CC -- $100.00
Discover CC -- $70.00
Capital One CC -- $37.00

The second paycheck of each month goes straight to rent with approximately 17% going to savings. I contribute approximately 35% of my first paycheck of the month toward savings.

I know my budget is not great and there are many places where I can cut down, but this is comfortable for me. This allows me to still go out and live!

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