Friday, June 3, 2011

June Spending

Yesterday, I bought my sister her birthday gift. I spent $89 on a gift card and a Kindle cover and another $3.88 cents on a party bag. I'm not tracking that as it was a planned purchase. So other than that, I have not spent any money yet. Today, my department is taking two other coworkers out for their birthdays. Yes, I'll spend money then, but that too was planned. Also, our department is so small (5 people -- all girls) that there was no way I could have gotten out of it. Saturday is the last of the birthday celebrations (again, planned), so hopefully no money will be spent after that!

June 1 -- No Spend Day
June 2 -- No Spend Day

EDIT: Our supervisor decided to treat us to lunch since we did discuss work so that made it a business lunch! Totally unplanned and saved me like $20!

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