Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Scenario

B and I got into it again about food. I don't get it. On Monday I told him I was making the tater tot casserole (which he LOVES) and asked if that was alright. He wasn't in the mood for it and then I gave him three other options of what I could make. He just told me to make "whatever". So i did. I made the tater tot casserole.

That night, I had it on the stove and he grabbed a fork and was about to take a bite when he saw what it was. He thought I had made the dirty rice. He put the fork away and didn't eat that night. I told him that if he wanted the dirty rice he should have told me. That set off an argument. He said the menu plan was too strict and we should "fend for ourselves". Um, what? I started the menu plan four years ago on his suggestion. It's worked. I don't run a restaurant and can't make everything he feels like at the moment. He said that he would have to get back into cooking. Now, I've never stopped him from cooking. Hell, I welcome it since it would give me a break! He has not cooked in years although I have repeatedly requested certain dishes for just as long.

We talked again last night and he said that he would cook Monday and Wednesdays. He can cook. Does he cook? No. Does he shop? Nope. This will start next week. Suffice to say I'll be ready to cook all days again, because I have absolutely no faith that he will keep his end of the bargain for long, if at all.

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