Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Spending

Like most people, I spend money during the weekend. I was good this time!

On Friday, I spent $14.86 on lunch. I spent $15.00 on Saturday and that's it!

June 1 -- No Spend
June 2 -- No Spend
June 3 -- No Spend
June 4 -- $32.00 -- drinks
June 5 -- $4.83 -- ice cream
June 6 -- No Spend
June 7 -- $11.28 -- pizza
June 8 -- No Spend
June 9 -- No Spend
June 10 -- $14.86 -- lunch
June 11 -- $15.00 -- Rite Aid
June 12 -- No Spend

And on top of all of this, I was below my grocery budget for the week. I also did my version of "extreme" couponing. I don't coupon unless I have one staring at me and it happens to fall out of my wallet as I'm paying for my purchases. On Ralphs, there was a sale on deodorant. If you buy 5, then you pay $5 ($1 each). I bought five last week and I received a $3 off coupon for my next purchase. The store was doing the same sale this week, so I did another 5 for $5, but gave them the coupon, so I got them for $2. Not bad. I won't have to buy deodorant for like two years now!

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