Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Plan -- 06/27 -- 07/03

Today is the first day of our new cooking strategy. B will cook on Mondays and Wednesdays and I will cook on the rest. The thing is, B isn't exactly...reliable with things like this. Today is his first day and he hasn't made a peep of what he'll be fixing. I know he hasn't even been shopping yet! On top of that he has a dentist appointment and a family birthday today so I have an sunken feeling that we'll probably eat out today. I'll offer to cook today and he take over one of my other days, but we'll see. All in all, I don't expect this plan to last too long and before we know it I'll be cooking every day again.

B's Day


Dinner: Taquitos (never made them last week)


Dinner: B's Day

Dinner: Black Beans and Rice with tortillas


Dinner: Sliders and potato salad


Dinner: Linguine with butter, pecorino, and arugula.

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