Monday, May 16, 2011

Frugal at What Cost?

We all have pet peeves.  One of mine is moochers.  I just can’t stand them.  Of course, when one is on a budget for whatever reason, there are sacrifices that will be made.  This is by choice.  If I choose not to buy something because it doesn’t fit in my budget, it is my choice.  If I do buy it, then I face the consequences if any.  I do not expect others to get it for me or to pitch in on my behalf.  It is my choice and my lifestyle and I’ll deal.

It seems lately, I’m reading more and more about people who don’t want to spend the money on certain things, but expect others to step it.  For example, this young woman is expecting her first child with her husband.  They are able to pay their mortgage, bills, and groceries, but there may be little left for “wants”.  They decided to have a baby and now expect the baby’s grandmother to provide day care…for free.  There was a moment, when they thought the grandmother would not be able to provide this services and she started started to freak out because she is now pregnant and cannot afford day care. My thing is if you cannot afford day care, then please do not plan to have a kid until your finances allow you to.  If the grandmother agreed to day care, then you can take her up on it, but it will be on the grandmother’s terms.  You can either take it or leave it.

Another lady is getting married and has enlisted her mother in law to create gifts for her bridesmaids.  This couple can afford gifts.  She is always “bragging” about how much money she has saved at her young age, yet she won’t dish out a couple hundred bucks toward gifts for your friends!

Maybe I’m in the minority, but it is just so annoying!!  I’ll get off my soap box now….


  1. i got a wedding invitation for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding. the bride's both parents are LOADED and the bride herself has been living at home and therefore saving her paychecks as well. All wedding invitations i've recieved have a pre-paid postage stamped envelope to send the RSVP so the guests do not have to go get a stamp themselves. This filthy rich family, along with the filthy rich bride decided to not include a pre-postage-paid stamped envelope. But- are we expected to RSVP by mailing the card in? YES! I refused. I said if your uncle cannot pay the $0.50 for a stamp to send the RSVP back, they are getting a phone call saying we'll be there. and guess what? we're going to be the jerk guests who bring a BOXED gift to your wedding! why? because it saves ME $10.00 on shipping.
    you wanna play cheap? so can i buddy.

  2. and for those cheap people who have $50k in the bank but don't want to buy a car because you can mooch rides off me, go to hell. those same people who i have allowed time and time again to mooch, don't even offer to pay for gas or toll.