Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Every few months or so, B has an epiphany. It's usually one of two things. 1: I'm going to give up meat for xx months. 2: I'm going to go to the gym four times a week (Or some other physical statement). This weekended he added a third: 3: I'm not watching TV for the month of June. He actually gave me all three situations for the month of June. I'm used to this. He does this quite often. I support him and all of his somewhat ridiculous statements (not that these are ridiculous). I'll change my menu plan to avoid all meat and fried foods. I'll think of activities to do instead of watching tv and so on. This will last up to a week. Seriously. It usually starts with me making a salad for a meal and he'll stop and get a burger. Why? Because he's busy/coming down with something/tired/or whatever and "needs" protein. Forget the fact that the salad I've made has garbanzo beans or whatever. Then he'll "forget" that he said no TV and will watch something. Before the week is through, it's back to the same ole' B.

So according to him, starting June 1 B will not be eating meat or fried foods and will not watch any TV. Of course, he made it clear that does not include any DVD's he may have at home.

I'll keep you posted as to how long this lasts. My bet is one week...max.

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