Monday, February 4, 2013

Master Cleanse -- Day Four

This morning I woke up really weak.  It is a work day, but I truly am not sure if I can continue to work at the pace I am required to without any kind of sustenance.  My job is mentally draining and right now I am moving so slow.  My legs cramp up if I move too fast or walk to much.  It doesn't help that I am wearing heels now.

Today I weighed myself.  I have dropped 7 pounds.  Of course, this is water weight, but it was nice to see the change on my scale.

I had trouble falling asleep last night.  I was wide awake way past midnight.  I also was consistently waking up every few hours throughout the night.  Even with a restless sleep, I woke up bright eyed.

With the way I feel right now, I am not sure how long I can continue this cleanse.  My body is so still and quiet and I feel like I have absolutely no energy or brain power to get through the day.

The evening was much better.  I had this hollow empty feeling in my stomach, yet it felt like it was full of rocks.  I just had a peppermint tea and that is all. 

I don't think I'm drinking as much lemonade as I should.  You're supposed to drink somewhere between 8-12 cups a day.  The first day I think I drank 8, but I've only been drinking 3-5 cups the rest of the days.  I'm not much of a "drinker" and have to remind myself to take a sip of anything.  When I'm hungry, I'll just sit hungry.  Not good.

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