Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Master Cleanse -- Final Results

It's been over a week since my Master Cleanse experiment.  I'll be honest, I did not last the full eight days.  I only did 6 days. Under the demands and pressures of work, I caved.  I lost a total of 11 pounds, which as of today I'm still keeping 8 pounds off. 

I am more aware of the food I put in my mouth.  Even though, I do give in to cravings at times, I have started to make better choices in my food.  Sure, I've eaten pizza, ice cream, and burgers since I ended my cleanse.  But I also pay attention to my body and see if I'm really hungry or just greedy.  I"m not perfect and I'll still sometimes feed myself due to greed, I'm at least aware of it. 

My bff is getting married in a few months.  Although, I am not a believer of crash diets for a special occasion, I am going to use her wedding as a deadline to get my ass in gear.  My plan is basically to eat healthy and occasionally allow myself to indulge.

Many many years ago, I lived by the principle that if I ate well from Sunday night to Friday afternoon, I can be less careful Friday evening thru Sunday afternoon.  It worked well for years.  I did not feel deprived because I allowed myself to indulge within reason, but did not splurge the moment the forbidden food entered my mind.  If I remember, by the time I was "allowed" eat it, I didn't even want it anymore.  I have to get myself in that mindset again.

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