Thursday, February 7, 2013

Master Cleanse -- Day Six

For the past few years, I've had this pain in both feet (left foot is worse) that resembles plantar fasciitis pain.  I have never been diagnosed with it, but I'm convinced that is what I have.  I have incredibly high arches in my feet and the years of rocking high heels have caused some tenderness in my heels.  Anyway, every morning the first few steps I take are excruciating.  The pain decreases as my  feet warm up, but it is  still a pain.  The past couple of days, I haven't felt that pain!

I know plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of tissue in your feet.  Is it possible this cleanse started to heal any inflammation I may have had in my body? 

Today I had a meeting with a coworker.  Although the meeting went well, the news I was given in the meeting was not good.  I zapped just about every ounce of energy I had in that meeting.  Now I feel like I'm on E.  I still have one more day to go.  It'd be silly to quit now, right??

I think I may do this cleanse once or twice a year.  Seriously, after you get over the initial hump (mine was day 2 and 3) it is not too bad.  I mean, you still crave and you still want to chew, but it isn't AS difficult as it was in the beginning. 

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