Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Diet

I've been off my Master Cleanse for a few weeks now.  I've gained back some of the weight I had lost (not all of it).  This was expected and anticipated. 

The cleanse got me thinking of the food I put in my mouth.  I try to make better choices and even though I may fail from time to time, I do try.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start eating mostly salads, lean protein, low fat dairy, fruits, and whole grains.  Basically food I should have been eating all along.  I will allow myself two cheat days a month.

My breakfasts will consist of either a shake of almond milk and frozen berries, fruit with Greek yogurt, or one egg on one slice of toast (weekends only).  Lunches will be salads and dinner will consist of either salad, soup, or a stir fry with a bit of rice.  I really hope this will boost my eating habits in the right direction.

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