Wednesday, June 8, 2011

$11 Pizza -- Hollywood Style

Yesterday, B and I went to the Kodak Theater for a little shopping for a few things B wanted. As always, we parked in the underground garage, got our ticket and headed into the shopping place. After he bought his purchases, the store said that they no longer validate parking tickets. B and I then proceeded to go to a "tourist pizza" place that sells pizza by the slice to get our ticket validated. I bought us two slices of pizza for a whopping $11.28! Yes, only two SLICES! The kick in the teeth was that that store no longer validated either! We only got the pizza so they would validate. Anyway, we ended up paying another $3 for parking.

Lesson learned....don't go out during the week; you'll always spend money.

June 1 -- No Spend
June 2 -- No Spend
June 3 -- No Spend
June 4 -- $32.00 -- drinks
June 5 -- $4.83 -- ice cream
June 6 -- No Spend
June 7 -- $11.28 -- pizza

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