Friday, June 10, 2011

Menu Plan 06/13 - 06/18

I haven't eaten out this week yet. Tonight is our date night so that is dinner out (planned). Yesterday, I made English muffin pizzas for dinner (reminded me of myself as a kid!) and there were no leftovers, so we will eat lunch out today. Bummer!

I'm also running out of Indian foods to make. Yes, there are millions of dishes out there, but I only know a select few that I am comfortable with. I'll have to start playing around with more.

Dinner: Curried cabbage and rice (never made it last week)

Dinner: Fried Rice with chicken potstickers

Dinner: Cornbread casserole


Dinner: Chicken and Rice

Dinner: Pizza


Dinner: Corn and chili soup with homemade rolls

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