Monday, June 20, 2011


I keep my budget pretty strict on purpose. I put a lot of money in savings each month and I budget everything else with what's leftover. I feel like while I was paying down debt, my savings suffered a bit so I'm trying to make up for lost time. Every now and then, I don't put away as much in savings. This might be that month. I am still within my budget, but my "disposable" income is steadily decreasing. Of course, all is by choice and I wasn't forced to do anything. Part of me feels I should just finish as is and then start fresh in July.

I didn't cook this weekend, therefore there were no leftovers. We will have to buy lunch out today. I had a really rough day yesterday and came home with cooking being the last thing on my mind. I bought tacos instead.

I had a goal of having 15 no spend days in June. I am four days away from that. I know I'll achieve that.

June 1 -- No Spend
June 2 -- No Spend
June 3 -- No Spend
June 4 -- $32.00 -- drinks
June 5 -- $4.83 -- ice cream
June 6 -- No Spend
June 7 -- $11.28 -- pizza
June 8 -- No Spend
June 9 -- No Spend
June 10 -- $14.86 -- lunch
June 11 -- $15.00 -- Rite Aid
June 12 -- No Spend
June 13 -- No Spend
June 14 -- No Spend
June 15 -- No Spend
June 16 -- $13.54 -- Breakfast
June 17 -- No Spend
June 18 -- $18.18 -- Fatburger
June 19 -- $6.05 -- Tacos

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