Monday, June 6, 2011


The good news is that I was within my grocery budget this week! The bad news is that I had two spend days.

On Saturday, my sister continued with her birthday celebration. A small group of friends went to a restaurant. This expense was planned and I was prepared. We went to the restaurant and since there was a 40 minute wait, the group decided to go the bar for a drink. We all ordered a lemon drop shot and continued to talk. I noticed that the bartender had given the bill to my sister. I quickly gave him my credit card since the birthday girl should not pay for anyone else's drink, including her own. Now, I don't drink out very often anymore so the price was a bit of a shock! Four lemon drop shots cost $32! I paid it and I had the money for it, but still what started out as a no spend day, became one. Of course, none of the other girls paid me back....or even thanked me...but I digress.

Yesterday, B and I went out for a late night ice cream run, so money was spent there. This week, will be good!

June 1 -- No Spend
June 2 -- No Spend
June 3 -- No Spend
June 4 -- $32.00 -- drinks
June 5 -- $4.83 -- ice cream


  1. are these moochers jobless? if they are, they shouldn't be going out. lesson learned. next time for your sister's birthday before the drinks are ordered, tell the bartender you're covering bday girl's drink and to give you the check. or if it's dinner, as the server to put yours and your sister's orders on one check.if they can be shameless, so can you!
    moochers are losers.

  2. These girls were not jobless. One girl, I had just met about 30 minutes earlier and the other is my sister's sister-in-law. I wouldn't have accepted her money (I would for the new girl), but it wasn't even offered. What really chapped my hide was the fact that I did not even get a simple thank you. Trust me, I've learned my lesson.